Bild: AYREON mit neuem Monumentalwerk „The Source“ zurückBild: AYREON mit neuem Monumentalwerk „The Source“ zurück
Di 28.03.2017

AYREON mit neuem Monumentalwerk „The Source“ zurück

Macht mit beim Online-Wettbewerb um das beste Fanvideo!

Online-Wettbewerb auf der Band-Homepage noch bis morgen 30.03.2017!

Das neue Science Fiction Opus „The Source“ erblickt am 28.04.2017 via MASCOT RECORDS das Licht der Welt und wird in mehreren attraktiven Versionen erhältlich sein!

AYREON mit neuem Monumentalwerk „The Source“ zurück

Macht mit beim Online-Wettbewerb um das beste Fanvideo!

AYREON - Online-Wettbewerb auf der Band-Website: Jetzt mitmachen – wählt das beste Fanvideo zu „The Source Will Flow”!

Seit Donnerstag dem 23. März läuft auf der Website von Arjen Anthony Lucassen ein Wettbewerb, bei dem man über das beste von Fans produzierte Video zum neuen AYREON-Track „The Source Will Flow” abstimmen kann. Der Contest dauert eine Woche, anschließend wird das Video mit den meisten Stimmen im YouTube-Kanal von AYREON und auf der Facebook-Seite des Musikers zu sehen sein. Unter allen Teilnehmern verlost Lucassens neue Plattenfirma, die MASCOT LABEL GROUP, ein besonders attraktives AYREON-Fanpackage als Hauptpreis sowie AYREON-Überraschungen für drei weitere Gewinner. Zur Abstimmung geht es hier entlang:

Anfang Februar hatte Arjen Lucassen Musikvideo-begeisterte Ayreonauten via Facebook dazu aufgerufen, sich zu „The Source Will Flow” etwas einfallen zu lassen. Über hundert Fans schickten ihre Ideen ein, die vier besten daraus entstandenen Filme sind jetzt online zu bewundern. Lucassen zeigt sich begeistert, er sagt: „Jetzt sollen die Fans auch das letzte Wort darüber haben, welches dieser Videos auf meinen Social-Media-Plattformen zum Einsatz kommt. Auf das Ergebnis bin ich sehr gespannt!”

„The Source Will Flow” stammt vom neuen AYREON-Album „The Source”, das am 28. April 2017 als Earbook (4 CDs + DVD) und Digibook (2 CDs + DVD) sowie als Doppel-LP plus Downloadcode bei MASCOT erscheint. Zu hören sind darauf neben Arjen Lucassen selbst unter anderem James LaBrie (DREAM THEATER), Simone Simons (EPICA), Floor Jansen (NIGHTWISH), Hansi Kürsch (BLIND GUARDIAN), Tobias Sammet (EDGUY, AVANTASIA) und Russell Allen (SYMPHONY X).

Video “Everybody Dies”

AYREONs Mastermind Arjen Anthony Lucassen erklärt in eigenen Worten, um was genau es beim neuen Opus „The Source“ geht:

A brooding atmosphere of unease has been spreading over Alpha, a miasma of anxiety and fear that is almost palpable. And it’s no wonder. These are critical times for the Alphan race. The planet faces seemingly insurmountable ecological and political problems, and they are poised on the brink of extinction. Despite the Opposition Leader’s fierce objections, the President has given the computer mainframe known as “The ‘Frame” free reign to solve the worldwide crisis, whatever the cost. But computer intelligence has now far exceeded Alphan intellectual capacity and control. The ‘Frame has assumed complete control, and has shut down nearly all vital computer-regulated systems. With all manual overrides disabled, it’s been impossible for the Alphans to put the systems back online.

It looks as if the cold, rational intellect of the ‘Frame has reached the logical conclusion that the only way to salvage planet Alpha is to eliminate the cause of all the problems: the Alphan Race.

Video “The Day That The World Breaks Down”

Ten influential Alphans and the loyal android TH-1 are determined to salvage the situation.  They gather in the Great Hall to discuss ways to ensure the survival of the Alphan race. After much deliberation, it was clear that there was only one viable option: a carefully selected group must leave Alpha to repopulate a new planet. The Astronomer has located what looks like a hospitable planet near the star of Sirrah. It looks like it could sustain Alphan life, according to Biologist, as it has water and other essential elements. The Captain’s ship Starblade is capable of making the journey.  Now all they need to do is figure out how to make it to the ship alive through the utter chaos and panic that has erupted in the streets. And then there’s the ‘Frame—will it even allow them to leave?

The group has boarded the starship Starblade and the long journey to the new planet—and new life—has begun.  Unfortunately it hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing so far. Of course, when they were safely away from Planet Alpha they felt a certain relief at having escaped with our lives.  The immediate danger is over, but now they’re facing torment of an entirely different sort:  the agonizing thought that they were forced to leave their friends and family behind, condemned to certain death on the doomed Planet Alpha.  If it weren’t for the unlimited optimism of the Diplomat and the moral support of the Counselor, they would not have endured it. But they’ve inspired the rest to carry on, reminding them of the fact that this is the only way the Alphan race can survive. During the long flight aboard Starblade they are slowly adapting to the conditions of the new water planet. Before they left Alpha, the Chemist had developed an amazing drug he calls ‘Liquid Eternity’ (some prefer to call it ‘The Source’). Not only will this drug enable them to breathe underwater and communicate with each other telepathically, it will increase their lifespan to a degree never imagined possible.

They’re now on their final approach to their destination, the planet that will be their new home. They’ve named it Planet Y. The first sight of this peaceful water planet fills their hearts with hope!  But now that they’re confronted with the stark reality of having to build an entirely new civilization, it’s dawning on them that their problems are far from over. Their entire infrastructure will need to be underwater because deadly radiation from the new sun Sirrah creates a toxic atmosphere.  Through the Source they are able to communicate with each other telepathically, which makes it impossible to hide their concerns from each other.  Some of them are afraid that they’ve taken on too much, and won’t be able to successfully adapt to the new planet. Others worry that the predictions of the Prophet may still come to pass, and that they will just perpetuate the same inevitable mistakes. In their darkest moments, they all worry that despite all their efforts, this will be the end of the Alphan race. And although TH-1 has been an indispensable asset through this entire saga, something about him feels a little “off”.  It’s probably nothing, but they can’t help wondering if there’s not more to him that they imagined...